. 10.23.2007

Yowza! Brady and I saw Aesop Rock last night, along with Rob Sonic and DJ Signify + Blockhead as part of the None Shall Pass tour. It was a-maz-ing! It's always a treat when musicians you admire are actually cool in person. There's nothing worse than going to a show, being psyched about seeing someone, and then discovering that they're a total douche bag. You lose respect for them and it ruins the music. The crowd last night was also okay.. not great.. but tolerable. I only saw the after effects of one guy who got punched in the face..

and only heard of one other fight that went on behind me. So, we're cool.

So for Halloween, Brady and I are going to be Lil Jon and Hoe, respectively. It may look something like this:

Oh, wait I meant this:


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