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. 11.08.2007

I had been wondering for a while why no one ever left comments on my blog. So I checked my settings and saw that I had disabled comments! Sad! I like comments.. love them.. so please take advantage of this 'new' feature on my blog!

Moving on, I set up my aquarium last week and have been contemplating what to do with it this time. My last aquarium was a brackish water set up that housed 4 green spotted pufferfish. After some deliberation as to what sort of fish to get, I realized that I am totally in love with pufferfish. So today I took a spontaneous trip to my favorite merchant in the whole intermountain west, Aquatica, and purchased a Red-Eyed Pufferfish. She's darling. Brady and I decided to name her "Zippy".

Here's what a female, red-eyed puffer looks like:


This is what the male looks like:

I hope my little gal makes it.

So for Halloween, I said that Brady and I were going to be Lil Jon and Lil Jon's Hoe, respectively. Here are the photos:

Oh.. I ended up being "Squid Face" instead.. pretty sweet.

The Family - Poppy, D, Quinn, Kristi, Me, Boz

Brady and I - me with my "under the mask" look

Brady, Me, Hillary, Fergie (the little dog), Davy, and Darcy (the other little dog). Hillary and Davy were "Corporate Cavemen".. a tamer version of their previous night's costume: "Stripper Cavemen"

Since I'm in the mood, let's share some more photos! These are from the night of my show opening, August 17. Good times were had.

Me, adjusting the thermostat before we leave and holding a lint roller.

Me in front of the sign that Tyler painted for my show.

Me and Ross.. and Shalee in the background.

Me talking to my mom.

My Dad and Grandpa

Brady and I after the show

Sorry all the photos are sideways. Maybe it'll offer you a new perspective... or just give you a kink in your neck.

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Mandy said...

Nice Pictures! Very cool it looks like you and Brady had fun on Halloween. I also liked the ones from the your show. When Jason and I were in Utah we stoped by but the Studio was closed so we looked at it through the windows.
You do awesome work Capree! Jason and I are so proud of you. By the way how is having your own home? I hope that someday Jason and I can buy one. Love you Sis.

Little Lisa said...

Creepy! I never want to see Brady in black face again.

I like your black dress you wore to your show opening. I love the swing of the skirt. Yay!

Capree said...

Thanks Mandy! I didn't know you guys had been in town!

Lisa - my dress tore that night! Right under the sleeve.. sadness.

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