The Jurassic Park Theme Song

. 8.21.2007

.. is stuck in my head. Weird, I know.

So last Friday, August 17, was the official opening of my Beauty+Decay show. I'd say it was tremendously successful. There were quite a few people who came through during the course of the night, many of whom offered sincere compliments and praise. It was strange and thrilling to share my work with such a wide audience. I've kept both series pretty close, with the exception of friends and family. So displaying it in a public space felt a little bit like the first time you walked to school by yourself - frightening and liberating all at the same time. I'm glad the show went well, though. Hopefully this will open up some doors and things will start to take off. I have already sold one print, which is absolutely wonderful! A nice lady came in to the gallery and bought one of the B&W "Sister" prints (as I call them, officially they're untitled). Here's the one she purchased:

I also had an interview today for the University of Utah's student paper, The Daily Utah Chronicle. A nice young man interviewed Ross, Shalee, and I about the gallery, my show, and possible influences for my aesthetic. It's always interesting to hear how other people interpret your work and the conclusions they arrive at. As an artist, I don't set out saying "This is what I want people to think and these are all the subplots I want people to detect".. I just don't work like that. Generally, I think "Jeez, wouldn't this look awesome?" not, "I'm going to do it this way so that people will draw these social or political conclusions, because my art is soo deep and important." That's not to say there aren't themes from my subconscious that emerge during the creative process. I just prefer to let those themes, ideas, and implications manifest themselves slowly, as the work takes shape or I look back at finished pieces with a new perspective.

In other news, I bought an office chair today from eurway. It's pretty rad. Here's a photo so you can have a reference and understand it's true beauty:

Say it with me now, "Oooo... sexy chair....".. Yes I know. I also kind of want to get these planters from Hip Haven.. Check it:

Look at all those colors, too! Yay!

We're also thinking about painting our living room and really making this place our own. Here's some sweet wallpaper I really want to use in the dining room area:

We got this dining table from Ikea..

and we will be getting 4 or 6 of these chairs (in White) from Modern Materials (if they stop jerking us around.. but that's another story).

So, our dining room area will be Black & White.. and connect to our living room area, which is Grey & Lime Green with turquoise accents. I'm excited. I think once it's all finished (of course, we haven't even started yet) it will look amazing. We're planning on ripping the carpet up from these areas and doing treated concrete (which I LOVE) or maybe hardwood floors. I'd prefer the concrete, because I think it's beautiful, but hardwood floors may be a better investment when it comes time to think about selling the home (which won't be for a while). Anyway, we have big plans for this little townhouse.. Once we start the renovation/remodeling, I'll be sure to document it and post updates.

For your patience, I give you this:

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