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. 8.02.2007

So a guy that Tom (my boss) knows came into my work today. Approximately 27 years of age, male, white, married, lives in Sandy/Draper, bulbous, Ron Paul promotor, with piercing blue eyes. Out of nowhere, he asks me if I was at the Fiery Furnaces show. I thought he was talking about the one 2 or 2.5 years ago, which I did attend, so I said yes and asked if he recognized me for some reason. He said no, but I looked like I was one of those hipster kids that would go. Apparently they had a show here last week (which he himself attended). I was mildly taken aback by this sweaping generalization and the fact that this man thought he could so quickly categorize me - based on what? my bangs? Anyway, a little while later he comes back in and after several insinuations about my status as a supposed 'hipster', he asks me where Brady and I are living. After my response he says "Oh, shouldn't you be living in the Avenues? That seems like it's your kind of place. I know some girls who live there that you'd probably like." To which I respond, "Oh and how is that?"
Bulbous man: "They just seem like they're your kind of people"
Me: "You don't even know me. You don't know what I'm like or the kind of people I like"
BM: "Oh, so you're saying you're not a hipster, indie-kid then? You're not into that scene?"
Me: "Actually I've moved beyond Indie-rock and I've never been a part of that scene. And, I don't appreciate being labelled by someone who doesn't know anything about me."
BM: "Oh. So what are you listening to then?"
This was followed by him quizzing me on various bands. yay.

Who is this guy? Other than an arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical scenester? I mean really. He later ended up requesting that I email him a list of some of the stuff I'm listening to because he hadn't heard of most of it and he's wanting to "get into some new music". Why would I really want to share that with someone like that? Anyway, he was a jerkoff.

Switching gears, I really want to get this dog and name him "Tendo". I think he's rad.

I saw him in the classifieds. I really, really wish I could get him. But, seeing how we just bought a home, don't even have furniture, and have no time, I doubt it will happen. I just think he's adorable. No other boston terrier will look like him - he's completely unique!

Tomorrow morning I'm doing an interview for a press release for my upcoming show. I'm kind of nervous, because I don't articulate well when I'm speaking to most people. I just hope I don't sound retarded.

When I can find our card reader, I will upload some of our photos from Comicon. Excitement!

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