Moderate Part II

. 10.19.2007

A continuation.

Moderate::Part 2

A Partial list.. again.. A-B.

.:Orange22:. - a kickin' design firm. Makes cool stuff, too. Like the Botanist Series. Doesn't start with "A".. but it had a number in it... shrugs

Check out Dario Antonioni, while you're at it. He's the founder of Orange22.

Moving on..

12.5 Condos - cool condos in North East Portland, Oregon.. if you're in the market.

2Jane Co. - UK importer of cool stuff.

Cool stuff like this $800 tray:

Or this 5-in-1 lamp shade:

Alias USA - sells European Contemporary Furniture..

..and ladies in swimming pools.

Architectural Numbers - sells.. architectural numbers..

Like these:

Arclinea - sexy, sexy Italian kitchens.. Mm!

Artemide - Lighting!

Astra - MORE sexy Italian kitchens!

Atlas Industries - modular furniture systems.

I have that chair in white! Yay!

AZarchitecture - unique homes in Arizona.. buy one!

B&B Italia - more great stuff from Italy

BARBANC - modern mailboxes

Barndoor Hardware cool, sliding doors.

BDI - shelves.. mirrors.. stuff.

Berloni - even more cool Italian stuff.

Blu Dot - cool things to fill your home with.

I love this chair.. so.. so much.

BoConcept - urban design.

BR-111 - exotic hardwood flooring..

..like Tigerwood:

Aaaaaand.. one for the local folk:

ByDesign - nice furniture that you can actually buy in Utah.

More "Moderate" entries to come... enjoy these for now!

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