It's Who You Know

. 1.25.2008

I have been searching and searching for a job that has something to do with photography or any kind of creative industry for quite a while now. I'm happy to say I have a job interview on Monday, thanks to the kindness of Brenda. It really is about who you know. Initially, at least. After the interview, I'm participating in a shoot as a "trial assistant". If I'm cool enough, hopefully I'll be hired on as a "real assistant". I'm crossing my fingers.

Since my post about Capree's Curiosities, I've done some brainstorming about possible doll ideas. I must say that I'm getting quite excited. I think I'll have to bust out the ol' sewing machine pretty soon here and see if my creations translate well into the world of fleece. I started a little sketchbook today (in one of the tiny books I made while in my bookbinding class), titled "Funny Bunnies and Other Things". It will be dedicated solely to doll/creature ideas. If you have any ideas for funny/weird dolls, let me know! I'll see if I can draft a sketch and make it come to life!

I think this is the first time I've been excited/happy in a while. The thought of a job prospect and the thrill of creative brainstorming is stirring me from my dreary, wintery world. Here's to happiness and success in 2008!

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MegRuth said...

I'm catching up on your blog posts right now, since our 5 day trek across the US of A, which was supposed to only be 4 days.

But I saw that you assisted Nicole, I read her blog too. YAY! I hope you get to be a real assistant, I'll probably find out in the blog posts to come!

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