I like hair products.

. 2.28.2008

Some of my favorite hair products are from PureOlogy. Their formulas are 100% Vegan and biodegradable and all of their containers are recyclable. Plus, their products smell divine and make your hair feel incredibly healthy!

I also love the Phyto line of hair products.

Phyto, which is Greek for 'derived from plants,' merges active plant botanicals with modern science for wholesome formulas that travel to the root (literally) of the problem to snap hair back to its healthiest condition. Clinically tested for performance, these naturally derived, cruelty-free formulas are packed in 100 percent recyclable containers, bringing eco-friendly hair care to a shower near you.

PureOlogy and Phytotherapy products are available only in fine salons. The Haven Salon in Provo offers the full line of both of these products.

The Haven Salon
359 West 100 South
Provo, UT 84601

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