. 2.23.2008

A couple weeks ago we went to St. George and Las Vegas with our friends Javin and Jannell. We stayed in Jannell's family's condo in St. George and drove in to Vegas for a day. I had never really experienced Vegas before. We ended up walking The Strip for about 6 hours, visiting a good number of hotels/attractions. I must admit that I found Las Vegas to be rather repulsive and I vowed never to return (except to Henderson). That being said, we really enjoyed hanging out with Jannell and Javin, even though our location was gross. We had really tasty Mexican food at some restaurant in that creepy, fake New York City. While our friends went to see Tiger Army at The House of Blues, Megan and Luke picked us up and took us back to their new pad in Henderson. It was great to see Megan again! At her house, we all rocked our socks off playing Guitar Hero III.

The rest of our trip was spent relaxing and hanging out in St. George, including a trip to Paula's (yummy mexican food and amazing salsa) and the awesome sandwich place, Port of Subs! On our way home, we stopped by my parents' house in Cedar City for some awesome grub and a birthday celebration. It was great to visit with the 'rents, even if it was for such a short time!

Javin inside the condo

Javin + Jannell

Eating at that tasty Mexican place in fake NYC

The garden inside the Bellagio

Guitar Hero

Sideways photos corrected!

3 Remarks:

Megan Ruth said...

Why don't you rotate them in photoshop silly head.

Don't mind Luke peering at you from over on the couch

Capree said...

i'm too lazy.. i just import them straight from the original file, which appears to be vertical... but it always gets rotated in Blogger!

Club Narwhal said...

WOOOO!! CAPREE!!! so exciting! i am very jealous you got to see megan and luke in their new natural environment. lucky duck! what have you been up to, girlfriend?

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