You Light Up My Life

. 2.01.2008

I had the opportunity to assist for Nicole Hill of RubberBall today along with Brenda. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed being on set again. The responsibilities of my previous job dealt almost entirely with post-production. I'm really looking forward to working with Nicole and have been hired on on a Tuesday through Thursday schedule. (Perfect!)

I'm also looking forward to next Thursday evening, as Brady and I will be heading down to Vegas for the weekend with our friends, the Hughes! They invited us along and we're looking forward to the adventure. (We needed a vacation!) That, and I've never really been to Las Vegas. Sure, I've driven through a few times, stopping only to eat or pee, but I've never really done anything there. I've never been on the strip, seen the gaudy circus that runs 24/7, or witnessed the crushing depression that ensnares the truly addicted. I'm excited.

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