Do You Believe in Magic?

. 3.10.2008

I do. I believe in the power of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

You can use it to clean practically everything. Really.

For example, my white leather office chair was starting to look less than pristine. After a little research on cleaning white leather, I opted to try this magical little eraser from Monsieur Clean. And let me tell you, the results were straight out of a fairytale. My chair gleamed brighter than when I first took it out of the plastic.

I am officially a committed supporter of the Magic Eraser. I don't know how they make it or how they thought of it, but "magic" is truly an apt description.

Tip: You may wish to follow each swipe of your Magic Eraser with a wipe from a clean, dry cloth. I find this provides optimum results with my white chair.

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Little Lisa said...

I have long been a devotee of the Magic Eraser. People don't believe me when I tell them all the things it cleans: grease, pencil, smudges of all kinds. Really, everything.

Why is it my habit of naming everything is shared by only you and Megan? The world may never know.

Congratulations on Frank! He's a beautiful boy.

Anonymous said...

Great on removing CRAYON drawings off white walls!!!!

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