Get it Straight!

. 3.13.2008

I stopped by my friend Hillary's salon today to drop off her dog leashes and a replacement chew toy. (Brady and I watched her two little dogs last weekend, which was a treat! Unfortunately, our nephew threw the chew toy over the wall, hence the replacement.) While I was there, we decided to cover up the red coloring that had drastically faded from my hair. I also got to play with whatever hair products I felt like while Hillary cut her regular appointment's hair! So, of course I took advantage of the opportunity and straightened my hair. I haven't flat ironed my hair in a really long time because my flat iron is busted. Here are the results of the straightening:

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MegRuth said...

You are so cute! You make me want to get bangs again...too bad summer is coming. Sweaty bangs are a no go for me

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