. 4.16.2008

I know these are popular right now and pretty "hip" with the modern design crew.. but I hate them. I think they're hideous. (Not as hideous as Crocs.. but still ugly.) The only place I could see these not being so gross, would be the kid's basement playroom. Even Marimekko and DwellStudio are in on the action. For shame. It's not easy for me to cope with ugly Scandinavian design, but Jukka Setala's Fatboy does NOT "deserve a place in every living room and bedroom".

Introducing the Fatboy (Don't let the bright colors fool you):

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Club Narwhal said...

but the name is, you have to admit, amazing!

brenda barrett-taylor said...

oh wow, those are even uglier than the normal giant beanbags that tons of dorky college students have, what are they called again?...

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