A Tunnel to your Heart

. 4.13.2008

We mowed (Brady mowed) our grass yesterday for the first time this year. Before he did though, I went out and inspected our lawn. In late Summer/early Fall of last year, we saw some signs of grub and possibly Sod Webworm damage. We attempted to treat it as best we could at the time. I wasn't sure what I'd see as I inspected the grass yesterday. The previous year's damage was still apparent, however, I noticed some strange vein-like formations of yellow grass along the side of our yard. A closer look revealed that the grass in those areas had been completely stripped of its roots. I kicked at the dead, loose grass and found a series of tunnels just at or slightly below the soil. It was clear that our lawn had fallen victim to the vole.

Cute, right? Not really. This is what it does to your lawn:

I'm hoping to see less of that and more of this:

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