You can't fix "ugly".

. 4.08.2008

I think you are all aware of my deep loathing of the Croc. It's just hideous. I don't care how comfortable it is, there are more attractive shoes that are probably just as comfy. Please don't wear them. I know you can probably get 20 for $5 at Wal*Mart, but that's no excuse. Really.

With that minor rant off my chest, I would like to present to you the newest Croc creation, the Cyprus:

"Fashion fused with comfort for the ultimate summer style. Spices up any fashionista's wardrobe."


Yes, that's right. It's a high heeled Croc, ladies and gentlemen. A full 3-inch heel made from that same nasty foam material that all Crocs are spawned from. I'm still not sure which is worse, though. The Cyprus, or the "Georgie":

3 Remarks:

nicole hill said...

ew! Those are disgusting.

brenda barrett-taylor said...

oh wow. and i thought those velcro baby ones at target were bad... i didn't know the half of it...

Little Lisa said...

I hear Crocs are edible.

It's between Crocs, Chacos and Uggs for me. I hate 'em all!

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