A Bee In Your Bonnet

. 5.22.2008

Check out my Etsy Treasury: Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee!

Expires Saturday, May 24th at 9:22pm - check it out while you can and be sure to click around!

This Treasury was inspired by a) my current State of residence, Utah - The Beehive State, b) Spring, and c) the startling disappearance of mass numbers of bees, or, Colony Collapse Disorder.

From the Natural Resources Defense Council: Bees play a central role in our food supply. Congress has held hearings on the issue of vanishing honeybees, but needs to take quick action to support further scientific research into Colony Collapse Disorder, and help beekeepers affected by the disorder to revive their hives so our crops can keep growing. You can help keep bees healthy by making your yard and garden colorful, diverse and pesticide free.
Check out the NRDC's website for some tips on how you can help.

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