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. 5.05.2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today is our 2 year anniversary.

[Photo by Mo]

Here are some bridal photos shot by my talented friends, Britta and Brenda! I had a great time being "sassy" for the camera. Work it!

[Photos by Brenda]

[Photos by Britta]

I wish I could wear that dress all the time.. it was beautiful and fun and perfect! My friend's mom made it by hand from this photo of Maggie Gyllenhaal. Now that's talent, my friends. Amazing.

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Anne said...

The photos are gorgeous! I've always loved Maggie's dress, and now I'm completely jealous that you have your own version of it for yourself.

brenda barrett-taylor said...

oh ya, i don't think i ever even saw those pics. glad they turned out (at least two of them anyway)

brenda barrett-taylor said...

also, happy two years!

Mandy said...

Happy 2 years Capree and Brady!!! I was telling Jason the other day that I couldn't believe that you and Brady had already been married that long, it just seems like yesterday that you 2 were just dating. We love you!

Jelmer said...

pics look great

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