Succulents and Shoes

. 5.14.2008

Took a few photos around the house today..

First, these strawberries were huge ("were" because I ate them)! There's no way they weren't on the Mitchell Report of berry-land. (Major League Berries??) Oh, and in case you forgot, I love succulents!

Sometimes, I have a hard time remembering to take my drinking glasses downstairs. Like today.. this 'collection' has been building up for a few days. I also, sometimes, have a hard time remembering to take my shoes upstairs.. another example of a multi-day buildup.

More photos from today:

Can you tell from this last group that I was feeling like a "Navajo wearing seashells carrying a bale of wheat while eating a bowl of bisque"? No? OK.

4 Remarks:

Kayla Porter said...

love the photo of your drinking glasses! i do the same.

Jelena said...

I see you bought yourself a digital! :) Which one did you get?

Capree said...

Got the Nikon D2Xs last week! :) Yay!

J. Michael Wiltbank said...

Love the shots at the end.

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