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. 5.02.2008

Just saw this post over at ohdeedoh and I had to share! Growing up with a graphic designer dad, I've come to appreciate the beauty of typography and think these toys are fantastic! Great for the offspring of hip adults or those with a fondness for type!

Post Typography Letter blocks:

Instead of the traditional cube shape, these hand painted alphabet blocks have two square sides and four narrow, rectangular sides. The square sides feature an exaggerated slab serif alphabet, while the narrow sides alternate between an abstract, condensed alphabet and a sans serif extended one.

If that doesn't get your goat (what exactly does that mean, anyway?), maybe this will: Toypography, by Dainippon Type. Pieces of these toys can be re-arranged to form Japanese characters or English words of the same meaning!

How clever is that? I mean really. Japanese designers are amazing!

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Kate said...

Thats amazing! Loving it.
Thanks for the mention in your yellow/black post too.
I'm a big fan of your photography.

glasfaden said...

Woww! Toypography is amazing indeed! How clever! Love your blog!

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