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. 5.18.2008

With the weather starting to get a little warmer, we've been using our ceiling fan more and more. The one we have right now is pretty ugly and does not match our decor or our modern sensibilities. Here are a few of my favorite ceiling fans available from the great online merchant Lumens! Check them out (and ignore their comical names):

- Available in Black or Satin Nickel finish and Cherry, Mahogany, or Maple blades.

Artemis - Available in Mahogany, Maple, "Liquid Nickel", or Translucent Acrylic.

Vita - Available in Antique Pewter with Mahogany, Brushed Cocoa with Mahogany, Cherry Bronze with Mahogany, Chrome with Matte Snow White, or Matte Black with Matte Black.

Involution - Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Cherry and Walnut Blades or Satin Nickel with Satin Nickel Blades.

2 Remarks:

MegRuth said...

I'm liking Centaurus. Even if it has the most ridiculous name of them all

Capree said...

hahaha - that name is the best (worst)..


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