. 6.05.2008

We recently bought some big terracotta pots from Ikea and I finally got around to painting them yesterday and today. I think they look pretty sick. I'll take some photos of them tomorrow, so you can see just how rad they really are. What I'm most excited about, though, are the succulents I got to go in these pots. I picked up a bunch today so I can plant them tomorrow once the pots are dry. As usual, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of these gorgeous little plants. Here they are:

There are 19 plants in all!

Echeveria Subsessillis + Aeonium Garnet

"Mosaic Aloe"/Aloe harlana + Echeveria Agavoides

"Split Rock", "Living Rock"/Pleiospilos nelii + Echeveria Agavoides + Echeveria 'Tippy'

Echeveria 'Tippy' + "Mini Jade"/Crassula argentea compacta

Echeveria 'Tippy' + Echeveria Agavoides

"Flippin' Flapjacks"/Kalanchoe thyrsiflora + "Windowpane"/Howarthia cuspidata

Echeveria 'Topsy Turvy' + Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg'

"Finger Jade"/Crassula orata + Rhipsali cereuscula

"Split Rock", "Living Rock"/Pleiospilos nelii

Anacampseros rufescens + "Sunrise Plant"/Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata

Peperomia graveolens + Sedum 'Burrito'

Sedum 'Burrito'

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MegRuth said...


Have you ever seen anything like the black succulent from the Getty I posted about?

Capree said...

I just saw one like that online yesterday, and I believe it's an Echeveria 'Black Prince'!

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