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. 6.10.2008

We just ordered this great Angela Adams rug for Brady's bathroom:

'Islands' rug in 'Moonstone' - this pattern was inspired by Maine Island life - 100% cotton hand tufted in India - all Angela Adams rugs are Rugmark certified; no child labor was used in their manufacture.

I'm so excited! It's silly to be this excited about a rug.. but I think Angela Adams' designs are so beautiful. I wouldn't mind having any of the following things either:

'Mammy' Rug - Love it!

'Love Stool VL' - in 'Betsy' Architex fabric (Angela Adams for Architex)

Correspondence Cards - 4 designs, 5 each

'Bodine' - from the State Of Mind collection

Angela Adams also designs amazing tile for Ann Saks... check it out.. it'll blow your mind.

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