Treasury Time!

. 6.30.2008

Yep, another Etsy Treasury! This one is called "POW! WHAM! BANG!" and features some amazing items that loosely follow a Red, Yellow, Blue color scheme. This treasury expires at 1:49 pm on Thursday, July 3rd. Check it out (and click around) while you can!!

Featured Sellers:
The Sea Within
Jump If Not Equal
Handmade Heaven
ZsB Creations
The Big Black Cloud
Leah Pellegrini

4 Remarks:

Moxie said...

Wowza! Awesome treasury. I love red, yellow and blue color combos.

Patrizia said...

Cool treasury. I usually hate the primary colors together but you chose some awesome items and now I like it!

Capree said...

Thanks! Patrizia - glad I was able to convince you of the beauty that is Red,Yellow,Blue! :D Hehe

MegRuth said...

I can't even comment on your Etsy treasury, there are too many comments!

Loved it so much!

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