. 7.08.2008

Oh dear, dear Chicago. We will stand on your heavy soils in less than 24 hours. What kind of splendor do you have in store?

I will be out of town the remainder of the week - until Sunday. Perhaps I will blog while I'm away, but most likely I will be too enthralled with The Second City to have time for it. In the meantime, chin up! Enjoy your week and do something new!

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Zack said...

Are you still in Chicago? Because you need to check out the Rock N' Roll McDonalds. Really.


Loves and snuggles...

Capree said...

Wow! That McDonald's is something else! Unfortunately I didn't have internet access while I was there, so I just now saw your comment. That would have been kind of fun to see. Although we didn't get to go there, we did go to Lou Mitchell's - where they hand out fried donut holes to people waiting in line.. and give you little boxes of milk duds once you sit down. I must say, it was the best omelet I've ever had.

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