Chicago - My New Mistress

. 7.16.2008

We're back from Chicago! Let me just say that Chicago is the coolest city ever. If Chicago and NYC had a battle, Chicago would be the Native Americans and NYC would be Colonel Custer. And we all know how that ended.

William Reusswig - Custers Last Stand

Chicago is a fantastic city, full of adventure and incredible food. Our shopping was minimal, but our eating was grand! Best Mexican food possibly ever - Frontera Grill. So amazing. We were dining alfresco when Lou Pinella and his wife got out of a taxi right in front of us and went inside. Best Steak this side of anywhere - Morton's. Tastiest meats I've ever had and most expensive meal of my life. We got all dressed up to go to Morton's (which was about a 45 second walk from our hotel, which was in the middle of what I like to call "Swank Town".. we were right off the Miracle Mile, a block up from Prada and the like. A little out of our element, I suppose!) Surprisingly good (and the absolute freshest anywhere) Chinese food - Big Bowl. Probably the tastiest Chinese food I've ever had and incredibly reasonable prices. Also, the best service/waiter we had on our whole trip. A+ for Big Bowl!

Brady - The New Photographer, took these back at the hotel after our great steak dinner. I call my look in the first series "Blue Tigress".

I'll be posting more about our trip over the next little while, so stay tuned!

3 Remarks:

Anonymous said...

mortons...theres not another like it...worth every dollar

you look great in the photos

Club Narwhal said...

oh. em. gee. i just had a big juicy ribeye at mortons last week! so good. jealous that you went to chicago!

quinn and kristi said...

Capree! I love the hair you look so beautiful. we've missed you guys!

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