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. 7.07.2008

Over the 4th of July holiday/weekend, Brady and I hung out with his family in Park City. We headed up to his parents' place on Thursday night and left for Park City Friday morning for our Independence Day adventures. His parents had booked several hotel rooms for everyone, which was really fun!

The weekend was spent relaxing, playing, watching "boom lights", and enjoying good company.

Here are some photos from our picnic and swimming pool excursions!

WOW.. that's a lot of photos. And there's more.. just go here.

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Jelena said...

Wow Capree, just astonishing! I ordered my camera today and I can't wait to get it, but I probably shouldn't play with it too much until I am done with my math class. (I need a lot of concentration for that.) Hopefully I'll be able to resist.... Oh, and happy shooting in Chicago! I am visiting the Chi-town sometime after August 7th and before the 25th!

Jelena said...

*astonishing quality of photographs and your creative eye.

abreakastudios said...

beautiful pictures! So vibrant! :)

quinn and kristi said...

capree you are so talented!!! those pic are amazing! we need to do a photo shoot soon!

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