. 7.22.2008

For those interested, I recently updated my pricing for all photography sessions. The new pricing scheme is much simpler, with a basic fee applicable to all sessions rather than multiple packages that include this and that, but not this, etc. Here are my updated prices for 2008:

All sessions are $150, except Bridal sessions which are $200. This is for artist's time and talent and does not include any prints or high-res CD's.

Included in the session is a 1 - 1.5 hour shoot in the Utah County/Salt Lake County areas. Also included is professional re-touching on all images selected for final prints. Clients will have access to an online proof gallery of the best images from their session. This online proofing will be available for 9 months. Print orders must be placed by the end of the 9 month period when the gallery expires.

Please see my website for additional pricing info.

I am now booking for August and am available to shoot evenings during the week and anytime Friday through Monday. Please contact me to book your photography session!

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Soulful Hues said...

You are an excellent photographer! Beautiful pics. I love the previous pics of lake Michigan. I grew up on it :)

Capree said...

Thank you, soulful! Hopefully you got a warm fuzzy or two from the Lake Michigan pics! :)

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