Land of Cedars - PART II

. 8.18.2008

While in Cedar City, my parents and I went on a hike around the Cedar Breaks area. If you've never seen Cedar Breaks, you need to go. It is simply amazing. Here are some photos from our hike in an area on the way to Cedar Breaks.

And, this is Cedar Breaks. Check out those crazy cliffs. You'd have to see it in person to really appreciate it, but trust me when I say it takes your breath away. Oh, and yes, that is a little squirrel who came up to say hello.

On our way back, we stopped in Brian Head for some much-needed sustenance. I can't remember the name of the little place we ate at, The Bump and Grind Deli was really tasty.. and it had some awesome signs, which I'll include in the next post called, Cedar Signs... or something.. mumbly jumbly.. Check it.

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