I never really liked dusty rose anyway.

. 9.18.2008

Test your color IQ here by arranging 100 hues in order. The closer your score is to zero, the better.. meaning if you get "0" - you have perfect color perception, or you're just a freak.

I got a 4.

As you can see, I'm a little weak in the "dusty rose" section... but who really cares about dusty rose anyway? That's SOOO 1993. Seriously.

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Jackie said...

Kids love doing this sort of thing - maybe I'll try it with my older students.

Capree said...

Hey, that's a great idea! :D

nicole hill said...

so it looks like i'm a freak.. i got a 0!!!!

that was trippy though.. it made my eyes go a little nutty.

thanks for staying later today.

Capree said...

I knew it! ;D It definitely messes with your eyes - I second guessed myself a few times, which is probably why I got a 4.. Congrats on getting a 0 - you ought to get some sort of prize!

amy said...

I got a 47, that isn't good is it?
Yeah, it really messes with your eyes, I had to walk away and the colors all still looked too similar.

April said...

I got a 4 as well, though I don't remember which colors were my weakness.

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