Marci Washington

. 9.06.2008

I'm not sure if her subjects are dead or alive, otherworldly or human, but I love these paintings by Marci Washington.

And the teeth - the teeth just kill me!

From her website: "I grew up moving all over the California bay area and moved to Oakland to attend the California College of the Arts and Crafts, where I received my BFA in 2002. I moved to Los Angeles for a bit and then came back to Oakland and CCA, where I got my MFA in 2008.

Currently I am interested in building a fictional narrative with connections to history as well as to the present. It's like I'm illustrating a novel that doesn't exist. If it did, it would probably be a lot like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, or Bleak House- novels which function as social commentary as well as beautiful romantic epics.

Check out more of Marci's work at www.marciwashington.com.

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