. 10.29.2008

Like watching things grow, but don't have the time to maintain a real plant? Has your Green Thumb turned gangrenous?

The brains over at Studio OOOMS have come up with a way to satisfy your child-like curiosity, without any pesky responsibilities.

The Bloom! collection is a series of artificial plants that actually grow and bloom. Just add water. Seriously.

For the practical artificial-horticulturalist, I suggest the Lettuce.

Just spray water on the surface of the plant and within minutes the little lettuce will unfold its leaves gently.

For those interested purely in aesthetics, perhaps the Gum Tree?

This surprising plant needs special treatment every day. Pour water in the pot and within 7 days the leaves will unfold, showing us the bright colors within.

For the collector of curiosities, Red Coral.

Just spray water on the surface of the plant and it will release its arms and grow three times its size.

Check out more clever OOOMS products here.

2 Remarks:

MGU said...

First time here, love it!

liam said...

very cute!

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