Hey Chicago, whaddya say?

. 10.02.2008

Brady and I went up to his parents' house last night to watch the Cubs' game and brought Wrigley along for good luck. Things were going well - Wrigley was playing in the backyard, the Cubs were up 2-0. Then you could say @*&! hit the fan. The Cubs started losing and Wrigley started puking. That's right. While the little guy was running around out back, he thought it would be a good idea to eat the following:

1 rotten peach
2 ripe tomatoes, fresh from the vine
1 green tomato
1 rotten apple
1 garden snail
1-2 toadstools
1 handful of his own poop

How do I know he ate all of these things? Well, I had to clean up his puke FIVE TIMES and got a pretty good look at what came out.

It was a fitting symbol of the evening's event, though, as the Cubs lost by five runs. So much for the good luck, huh?

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J. Michael Wiltbank said...

I think it is no coincidence that Wrigley threw up 5 times and they lost by 5 runs...I think this little guy may be some kind of puppy prophet.

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