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. 10.16.2008

I really like bacon, but not as much as I like this comic about liking bacon.

A page from Jesse Breytenbach's graphic novel "I Don't Like Chocolate".

I ran across Jesse Breytenbach's shop today and was excited to see the comic arts represented on Etsy. Jesse is a free-lance illustrator and comic artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. She's a multi-talented lady with skill in printmaking, drawing, knitting, and even ceramics!

I trained as a printmaker, mostly in woodblock printing. I love the magic of printmaking, of how the marks of a drawing take on a completely different character during the printmaking process. That said, I'm also a big fan of digital printing! When I'm not drawing or printing, I like to knit and crochet. Most of my drawing is in black and white, but I'm addicted to colour - crafts give me a reason to indulge that passion.

Check out her print shop here and her knitting/sewing/fabric shop here.

Read more about her graphic novel, "I Don't Like Chocolate" and be sure to stop by her blog, too!

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