I'm a Bush Survivor!

. 1.20.2009

Well folks, the day has finally come! I hope you had a chance to watch the inauguration today - a truly extraordinary moment in American history. One day my kids will ask where I was when Obama was sworn in as the 44th President and I'll tell them I was sitting in my pajamas, an empty cereal bowl at my side, watching it on my laptop as the laundry swirled in the other room - and yet I still felt more connected to my fellow citizens than I ever had before.

One amazing thing that came out of this last election was all the fantastic artwork. I've never seen so many artists and designers united - for anything - let alone politics. If you haven't seen this site already, it's definitely worth a peak - http://designforobama.org. Lots of great design going on!

This is one of my favorite designs - so simple!

Unite the States of America - by Aaron Allen

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Rob @ Fashion Luvr said...

Yes, they have a shirt just for this!

Capree said...

Ah! That didn't take long! Thanks for the link! :D

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