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. 1.12.2009

Some good times are being had over at Grassroots Modern [GRM]! Here are some of my most recent posts:

Jim Ward Morris brings some eye popping color to these pieces inspired by 1950's advertising.

Bleak, contemporary landscapes? Man v. Nature? Yes, please.

CB2, CB2, CB2! I'll never stop loving you!

Ka-Boom! Check out these bold pillows by JOOM!

Can a toaster really be sexy? Answer: YES.

Stationery for the design conscious.

Looking for a unique, modern clock? Check out Pilot Design!

Hip toys for hip kids, or parents with a conscience.

Fabrics for anyone and everyone - ReproDepot is where it's at!

Funky and Futuristic - that's what we like in our candelabras!

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Hey Capree,

Sorry for the delayed reply!

I'm very pleased to see my work featured on GrassrootsModern. Offering Midcentury Modern Style at an affordable price is a brilliant idea. I will be visiting frequently.

Your etsy shop, your blog and your photography portfolio website are all very cool as well!

Thanks again Capree...stay in touch.

Jim Ward Morris

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