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. 2.10.2009

So, several of the blinds in our house are somewhat broken, because someone doesn't know her own strength and tends to over tighten them. *ahem* Because of this, we are not able to open our blinds all the way. I have been thinking what to do about it and I really like the idea of putting up some roman shades, instead. I like the look and I don't think I would have an issue with pulling it too hard. [Sorry I broke all our blinds, Brady!]

That said, I think I just found the perfect fabric for these shades:

Sticks from Etsy seller CicadaStudio!

What do you think?? Would it look good with what we already have in our living room? I think so. :D

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quinn and kristi said...

Can I just say I LOVE your blog! you always have the coolest things on it.

Capree said...

Thanks, Kristi! :D

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