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. 2.09.2009

Need new windows?

I'd like to introduce a new sponsor here at MAIYA, Anderson Windows, with 1st Replacement Windows. If you're in the process of remodeling your home, one important thing to consider is, of course, energy efficiency. One major step you can take in the right direction is by choosing energy efficient windows.

Anderson Windows/1st Replacement Windows is a directory and resource center for people looking for information about replacing their windows. They do not market, endorse, or sell windows, but instead provide a place where you can go online and compare all kinds window types, (with pros and cons listed for every type: wood, aluminum, vinyl), learn about the different types of glass, and even receive quotes from local professionals.

So, if you're beginning a remodel or just want to change the windows you already have, stop by Anderson Windows/1st Replacement Windows for some valuable, unbiased information about everything you could possibly want to know about windows!

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email for more info!

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