A Summation of My Birth Celebration

. 2.25.2009

Turns out, posting what you would like for your birthday is a good idea.

Some highlights!

Dress + Tights

Bubble Plates + ZAK! Spoons

Beasts +Beasts II

My birthday this year can be summed up in one word: AWESOME. Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate my birth in one way or another. You rock! Seriously.

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Darrah said...

See, I tried to do this, but perhaps I need to be more direct. Last year, my boyfriend was stumped on what to get me for my birthday. I said, "Really?! I have a whole entire blog about what I want!" haha. So funny. I'm glad to hear you got some great stuff!

Capree said...

Ha! Such a boy! Brady does the same thing. Every Christmas or Birthday he claims to never know what to get me, even though I'd be happy with pretty much anything I've ever blogged about! I guess a week's worth of "I want this for my birthday" posts actually paid off! You'll have to try it next time around! :D

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