. 3.06.2009

Sorry for the way late post. I've been busy with things at home, including lots of brainstorming and inspiration finding (oh and laundry, too. LAME).

One of my favorite sites in all the Internet is COLOURlovers.com. I go there often for inspiration and for a good jolt of color therapy. Looking at all the amazing palettes makes me really happy.

My absolute favorite Colour Lover is axl. This girl has some crazy-talent when it comes to pairing colors and creating palettes. Definitely check out her work - it'll blow your mind.

Funny Like the Moon by GlueStudio

Since it's a user-generated site, it's updated constantly with new colors, palettes, and patterns. So if you're looking for some color ideas for your next project or just want to browse around a virtual rainbow, check out COLOURlovers.com!

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