Out of the Ordinary

. 3.18.2009

A few of my friends from back in the ol' BFA days and I have started a new blog, the goal of which is to get off our sorry butts and photograph. Every day. I'm typically not that good with daily commitments, but this has been fun and a good challenge. It's about time I actually do what I went to school for!

The blog is "Out of the Ordinary". There are no words, just pictures. If you're interested in becoming a contributer as well, send an email to the lovely and talented Britta Bruderer. Now go check it out!

Out of the Ordinary - A Daily Photo Blog

Image by me for Out of the Ordinary :: March 12, 2009

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Darrah said...

Sounds like a fantastic blog! Sometimes I feel like I have too many words in each of my posts. However, it would take quite an amazing picture to say everything I'd like to convey.

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