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. 3.09.2009

A big WOOT for Grassroots Modern!

The haps from this last week:

OK, there has been sooooooo much talk on The Blogs about this blasted chair and I just couldn't take it anymore. You know you don't like it, either. Share your thoughts!

I took all my icky feelings out on the Prince Charles Chair, so I'm spreading love with this great modern furniture stitch art from byrd and belle!

Loads of sweet stuff from Chiasso - check it out!

Loving the most recent issue of Dwell - chalk full of before+after photos!

Stainless steel, concrete, powder-coating: Not what you usually expect in a jewelry line. Check out this clean, minimalist jewelry from KONZUK!

Stop by daily for more modern goodness or get the feed if you're into that sort of thing.

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The Felts said...

Hola cuz! I love your blog :) Can't wait to stalk ya!

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