TypeFace Tuesday

. 3.03.2009

Today's TypeFace Tuesday is all about the awesome hand lettering in Jill Dryer's new book, "What if?"! "What if?" is intended to inspire creative play by allowing your own child to be the star of the story! When ordering the book, you simply upload a photo of your child along with their name, and voila! A personalized storybook like no other!

Here are a few of my favorite pages from the book. Check out that hand lettering! Love it!

Learn more about "What if?" here.

Be sure to stop by Jill's website to see more of her fantastic artwork. I am especially fond of the Design Meets Nature series!

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MegRuth said...

I had a book like this when I was a kid. No picture of me but I had a friend's name included too.


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