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. 4.13.2009

aka "I missed last week, so I'm making up for it in an extra-long post" edition. Yup, that's right. Today's post is chalk-full of two week's worth of modern goodies and inspiration from Grassroots Modern. Check it out.

Got a green thumb? A flare for creative landscaping solutions? Join the discussion!

I'm really liking some of the new outdoor goods from West Elm! What's your favorite new item?

Check out these eco-friendly prefab homes from Michelle Kaufmann Designs!

Dreaming of a mid-century modern furniture collection? Show your love with this poster of all your favorite MCM designs!

Start your kid's design education out right with these handy modern flash cards!

Check out this home renovation from the founders of Olli & Lime. I love their lime green kitchen cabinets!

Mikey Burton, Mikey Burton! I can't get enough.

Landscaping for a modern aesthetic: check out these great sources from Dig Modern. Share your own ideas!

A few (actually affordable) items from DWR caught my eye. Check out the clearance sale now!

Really awesome LED Watch from Japanese designer Hironao Tsuboi!

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andrea d. said...

ohmygosh, that plant privacy screen is awesome, if i had a house i would really want to have that in my backyard. so lush... and green... and pretty... *sigh...* :P

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