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. 4.27.2009

I missed this last week, so here's a double dose of affordable modern goodness!

I'm really digging these handmade coasters from Merit Market - check out the modern furniture series!

Some sweet new wall graphics from jefdesigns will certainly spice up your space!

Love, love, LOVE: DIY Eero Saarinen side table by Plastolux. Check it out and share your modern DIY projects!

Gorgeous organic bedding from Unison - celebrate Earth Day all year round!

Looking for a wall-mount sink? Join the discussion and check out all the great links from GRM readers.

Blasphemous or ingenious? Weigh in with your take on this herringbone LCW chair.

These urban-themed ceramics from Urban Soule will definitely add an edgy vibe to your next soiree!

It's 50s style without the fake optimism. Check out Tim Biskup's work - the darker side of retro.

"Rain, rain - go away" or maybe not if you're sporting one of these rad umbrellas.

Enjoy this folding bird house all year round - solid steel ships flat and folds into shape!

As always, be sure to stop by Grassroots Modern every day to get your modern design fix! Or subscribe to the feed for instant inspiration!

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andrea d. said...

such cool stuff! thanks for sharing :D i'll have to check out grassroots modern more often now!

Capree said...

Thanks! Be sure to check it out - I post there every day! :)

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