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. 4.14.2009

First, a huge thank you to MAIYA reader Alyssa for sending this my way! What a great find! I really love these acrylic necklaces from Etsy shop This is Star. Such a great way to celebrate your love of type, don't you think?? I'm especially fond of the Futura necklace, which, in case you hadn't noticed, is one of my favorite fonts! I'm also digging the Ampersand necklace; a slightly more subtle way to display your typophilia. Check out the rest of the goods at This is Star.

Acrylic necklaces for the typophiliac in your life: This is Star - $20-$25.

Random bonus link: Typophilia Flickr Group

3 Remarks:

Darrah said...

Those necklaces are absolutely adorable!

andrea d. said...

i like the "&" necklace! since my name is andrea and begins with the word "and," i like to think of the ampersand as maybe a logo for me. someday i'll incorporate it into my branding. somehow.
i actually have a necklace like this with an "&" charm :)

Capree said...

Andrea - very cool! Do you remember where you got your "&" necklace before?

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