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. 5.11.2009

I'm starting to see a trend here... Another double dose of GRM goodness, since I missed last Monday.. AGAIN! Argh!

Designer axes for the GQ-reading lumberjack in your life.

Check out the Armadale House from Australian architecture firm Jackson Clements Burrows - it's stunning!

Tons of great, affordable art on Tiny Showcase right now. I'm truly coveting the 10 Beasts! box set... *drool*

A lovely little print that boldly declares your adoration of the Eames brothers - I Dream of Eames Print.

Very cool, unique switch plate covers from Chiasso - check out these zinc beauties!

Flickr is a goldmine of inspiration (as you probably know) and these images of some Eichler Homes are dreamy!

New work from Ork - check out their new typographic Heart Print!

Really sweet illustrations from German illustrator Sven Palmowski - I wish I could get a print of that first image!

For the DIYers out there - downloadable plans to create your own Illuminati lights!

Check out Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest - get inspired and vote for your favorite!

Stop by Grassroots Modern every day for more affordable modern finds!

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