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. 6.29.2009

It's Monday and I made it! :D

Here are some of the wonderful Grassroots Modern posts from the last week or so! Check them out and go leave a comment!

This pool house from Hariri & Hariri Architecture is absolutely stunning! I would stay there all summer!

Weaving Wood: BEAUTIFUL chairs from designer Rush Pleansuk. Made from teak and ash.

Loving these simple stoneware vessels from the Rondo Series!

The Stage House is a sublimely minimal 'weekend home' with a distinct Japanese aesthetic - check it out.

Moduture is an up-and-coming furniture company with a modern flair and a taste for versatility.

Have you met Woody? He's a gentle soul that would look lovely in your modern home!

I'd love to get my hands on an original Enid Seeney/Ridgway Homemaker Plate!

Check out all the vintage goods from Etsy seller Ella Cinders!

"I wish we had IKEA" - tea towels and pillows from one IKEA-deprived Skinny Laminx.

These aluminum planters from Pad Outdoor are pretty freaking cool! I want one - or several!

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