This is what I've been doing all day:

. 6.12.2009


me by me

Have a great weekend! Go do something crazy!

6 Remarks:

Jannell said...

Love it!!!

nicole hill gerulat said...

i like it capree! it's amazing how different you look all the time just with different hair.

Kayla Porter said...

Laurie's exact words: "Ah, she cut her hair?! She looks HOT."


Capree said...

Yay! Thanks, guys! It still looks so weird to me - but I'll get use to it eventually. :D Glad you like it - peer validation is a-okay in my book. haha

beth said...

(that necklace is beautiful)

Capree said...

Thank you, Beth! A friend gave it to me - it's one of my favorite!

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