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. 7.10.2009

.Get ready for a new feature here at MAIYA!

Linky Dinks will be a weekly (or almost weekly - you know me!) round up of interesting things from around the interwebs. A "Where I've Been Clicking" tell-all. I hope you'll enjoy it! Now click on through!

Creature from the Black Lagoon hands, hugging bears.. all done up in beautiful porcelain! [for me, for you]

Collages, collages everywhere! Eleanor Wood's creations make me smile. [Share Some Candy]

Damien Correll's illustration portfolio will make you sing! Look at those amazing color palettes! [Oh Joy!]

Wow - check out the incredible designs of these retro soda cans. I wish they still looked like this! [Mothersvea]

Calling all shops/blogs! Want to reach 20,000 people for $20? Advertise with Mankind Mag/Blanket Mag! [Design for Mankind]

You know I love a good snickerdoodle. So it's no surprise that I'm drooling over this recipe for Snickerdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches!! [Tartelette]

Über minimalist, modern jewelry from MOA and a giveaway to boot! [Modish]

Who knew paper plates could be sexy? Check out those curves! Wasara tableware is made from reed pulp, bamboo, and sugarcane waste. [Juliette Merck]

Real life WALL-E?? This little bot collects trash and measures atmospheric pollutants! [Inhabitat]

Pretty sure I'd be horrified if I received a box of Stephen Shanabrook's Morgue Chocolates - cast from actual wounds of dead people. What! [Eat Me Daily]

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