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. 7.31.2009

This week's Linky Dinks feature is going to be a little... epic. It's the last day of July, so I have to squeeze all the cool stuff in before August comes! Right? Right.


Suspended in space - this minimalist bed will set your dreams afloat! [freshome]

Wooden toys for kids young and old! Love the sleek, modern forms of the animal collection. [for me, for you]

Attention all Mid-Century Modern lovers! Here's a giveaway especially for you! Hurry, ends 8/3! [AtomicIndy]

Modular lighting that responds to touch "through the electromagnetic fields of the human body"! [Design Milk]

Incredibly beautiful, modern landscape architecture from Mikyoung Kim. Love the use of moss! [Plastolux]

This ribbon coat rack is all over the interwebs, so it may as well be here, too. [Design*Sponge]

Artist Liu Bolin disappears into his surroundings - then photographs it! [Oddity Central]

WORST PHOTOSHOP WORK EVER! The more you look at it, the worse it gets. [Photoshop Disasters]

On another note, here are some handy cheats for Photoshop that no photog should be without! [HV Designs]

The colored pencil club - subscribe and receive 25 similarly hued pencils each month, 500 pencils total. [Otto]

Think you've found that diamond in the garage sale rough? Learn how to identify any vintage object! [BackGarage]

Hey DIY-ers! Here's a great weekend project to turn that dumpy filing cabinet into a mod planter! [Design*Sponge]

Some of the coolest earth-scape art ever! Spiral Jetty, eat your heart out! [Plastolux]

Momma said not to play with your food! Will she make an exception for the Rubix Cubewich? [This is why you're fat.]

Wash it all down with a chocolate-covered marshmallow cookie! [Tartelette]

Phew! Linky Dink supreme! Hope you enjoyed the links - check them all out over the weekend! I'll see you Monday!

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