TypeFace Tuesday :: Art and Urban Development by Autobahn

. 7.21.2009

.So cool.

Verkenners (Art and area-development) is a collaboration between artists and area developers. Together they are looking for a way to use art in new development areas. Can the use of art and culture in area development projects contribute to improve the quality of area development? What opportunities are there for artists? And can we create involvement among the future residents of the area?

Autobahn created a 'small but friendly publication', with answers to these questions and a presentation of projects. The image concept for this book is inspired by the series' Landscapes' by photographer Levi of Veluw. In consultation with Levi, Autobahn has used this image to create a typographic image. The photography is provided by Marieke Wijntjes.

[via Typography Served]

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Dallas Shaw said...

sounds cool- wonder how helpful it is to artists...


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